For The Sake of One

Most people would agree that they’d like to make a difference. This world is full of so much degradation, it’s hard to find the good things. Evil is rampant and people are hurt every day.

We all want change.

City Lights

City Lights (Photo credit: Ghassan Tabet)

But with six billion people in this world (and quickly growing), we start thinking there’s no way.

There’s no way that I can change the world. There’s no way that people will listen to me. There’s no way I can make a difference…

It goes on, these thoughts in our minds.

There’s no way I can save a life. There’s no way I can do anything of significance. There’s no way anyone will notice.

You’re looking at the big picture, at the six billion. Of course there’s no way you’ll reach them all, or even half.

But how about a hundred? Fifty? Twenty? …. Even just one.

Reach out to the life standing next to you, the soul that you see every day. Look beyond yourself and see people- people who are hurting, who have griefs and sorrows mingled with dreams and joys. People who have memories and hopes, regrets and wishes.

Reach out to them. Learn their stories. Make a difference in just one life. And it will grow… one by one, that’s where it starts. And by changing just one, you have changed the world. The world is better for the sake of just one.

Change one life.


Incomplete Beauty

I’m me. Not her. Not the girl with the blog next door. Not the mom with the always-clean house and the well-dressed kids.

Not you.

I am myself. With all my quirks, all my faults, and all my [too few?] successes. I wasn’t made to fit the mold of someone else. Even those that I admire, those that have reached a plane that I can only aspire to- I can’t be that person. I can only be me.

And yet…

And yet, that person, that me, is special. It’s who God made me. He made me with faults so my husband could complete me with his perfection. He made me with good qualities so I could compliment my husband’s faults. Best of all… he made me with failings and holes, just so He could bring in His own completeness.
And… He made you, too. He made you incomplete so you could be completed. Yo are not a failure… merely unfinished. You lack that finer polishing that comes through life. Just that final touch of the sandpaper to smooth you out.

And in that incompleteness, you are beautiful.