Mocking Dreams

We all have dreams. Little, mixed-up pieces of mismatching puzzle, thrown together in a blender called Life, churned with bits of job, sports, and sudsy dish soap. These pieces get all blended together until they come out with sharp, jagged ends that rip into your soul until, tired of the tears, you bury them beneath a layer of solid work schedules, where they remain reinforced with steel bills that remind you you’ll never have the capital.

But here’s the thing. You don’t need it. You don’t need the gobs of money and whatever else just to start that dream. It doesn’t have to be shiny and gilded, shnazzed with the latest pizazz and glitter. It doesn’t have to be the best technology or need the best sign. It just needs YOU.

YOU are what makes a business. You are what gets it going, gets it off the ground. All you need is a start. All you need is a stepping out and the courage to fly.

“It’s not possible. I don’t have….” Fill in the blank of what you don’t have. Money. Material. Supplies. Okay, maybe you don’t. But you know what you do have? Time. Resources.

See, there’s things you can do to get it started. Even once you do have $10,000 in your pocket, what will you do with it? And there it is- before you start, you need an idea. You need a plan.

That’s what this time is for. Research. Learn. Find out all you can about running a business and how to make it succeed. Take a bookkeeping class, learn about tax records and auditing. Begin networking and building your contacts.

By the time all this is done, you’ll be ready. Start building, just one step at a time. One nail, one hammer, and build your city of your dreams.

It isn’t overnight. And to be honest- you’ll never reach that plane. It will always be out of reach, little more than a glimmer on the horizon, mocking you.

Your dreams mock you. Are you going to let them win? Or are you going to get up and take them by force, make them YOURS? That’s for you to decide.