Cascade Mountains

A panorama of some of the Cascade scenery, including Mt. Rainier and Mt. Adams.

This is about community. It’s my reaching out across long distances, traveling over rubber-coated cables and invisible information waves to connect with like-minded people. This is a give-and-take community- the new world of relationships, spread from website to blog to website. It’s what we’re about.

Everyone has something to improve, something they want to change. This is about my version of change. Changing myself, my life- and the world, one little stepping stone at a time. Change doesn’t happen overnight. It comes through small steps in one direction. A large step is really just a series of much smaller steps. Everything is changing, in some way. I aim to not only be a part of it, but perhaps to be an agent.

Even if it is only in myself.

This is about that change, and the journey of it. It involves my thoughts, research, and beliefs on most anything. But mostly, this is about my own life, and the changes within it.

Changes like:

  • Starting a business (and planning and marketing)
  • Taking control of my own health
  • Taking control of my own food
  • Relationships and how I deal with family and other people
  • … And much more!

Come along with me as I make these changes, and see what it’s all about! Follow me as I share tips, how-tos, DIY, and sometimes, just plain musings.


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