The Beginning of a Journey

"The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lomb...

“The New Fred Meyer on Interstate on Lombard” (7404 N Interstate Ave, Portland, OR 97217). This version has additional correction to correct for poor white balance and slight counterclockwise rotation. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

We all know we should be eating healthy. It’s almost instinctual. Similarly, we also know that eating fast food all the time will not make you healthy. It will, in fact, make you fat.

But what about other things, the things we don’t often see? How about the food in those boxes at the grocery store? Perhaps, on some instinctual level, we realize that that is not real food, either. It’s processed. 

Maybe you grew up in a traditional family and learned all about the old paths. Maybe you’re just now learning about the harmful chemicals in what you thought was “healthy” food. Or maybe you’re somewhere in between, or none of the above. Either way, you’re here for a reason. We’re all on some stage of a journey to real food. We all have different motives. But the end result is the same- health.

In that quest for good, nutrient-dense food, there comes the ever-present question of cost. It’s an understandable question, really. Organic is often insanely expensive, and buying fresh produce all the time just isn’t realistic for some people. And what about those who don’t, for one reason or another, have access to a farm?

That’s what this is for. Maybe you’re on food stamps and you’re only limited to the stores, because EBT doesn’t work for farms and online stores. Maybe you’re in the city and there isn’t a farm near you. Not everyone can take shortcuts.

I want to show you that it IS still possible. I’m not perfect; I’m still on my own journey to real food. I still eat Cheerios, and I still make a quick run to McDonald’s upon occasion. We’re all in different stages. But that’s why it’s a journey, and not an immediate life change.

So- how do you eat healthy when most of what’s available to you is processed in some form or another? Walk with me, and I’ll show you quick tips to good eating. Take what you can, and leave what doesn’t work for you. We’re all different; what may work for me may not work for you. I’ll also share some tips on things that may not work for myself, but they may work for your family.

This goes beyond just healthy eating. In the process, I’ll also show you how you can cut corners on other areas, as well. Stick with me, friend, and maybe we’ll both learn something new!


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