Weekly Challenge: Resolutions

I had a post ready for you last week. Really. But, it seemed that the computer and WordPress site conspired against me and deleted my post. Yup, there went the entire thing. It was a good post, too. I really missed it.

Well, as is often the case whenever something like that happens, I lost the inclination to write. I don’t like having to rewrite something I’ve already written. (Who does?)

So, I made the executive decision to call it a holiday. After all, it was Christmas/New Year’s, right? We’ll just take that excuse for right now.

Anyway, holidays are over and it’s back to the normal grindstone. That means it’s back to (semi) normal postings, right? So with that said, here’s my challenge for the week:

Today’s challenge: Resolutions.

Let’s face it. Who doesn’t have things they want to fix? There’s always those little things that we know we need to get to, things that need worked on. Relationships, our job, life, our weight… something needs fixin’. We have this niggling feeling in the back of our minds that something needs to change.

And so we resolve. New year, new beginnings, right? And this year, we’ll DO it!

We resolve. And we may even make an effort. With luck, we’ll last til the end of the month. Most have already broken it two weeks in. (Yes, I saw that cookie you snitched yesterday- don’t worry, everyone else does it, too.)

Today, I’m proposing a change. Be honest. Resolutions don’t really work, do they? They’re too broad, too vast. We’ll make the resolution to work out more, to lose weight- but where is the specificity? Where is the motivation?

With no motivation, there’s no change. So before you make a resolution, first get motivated. It’s more than just “I’ll feel better if… .”

Be specific. What would you like to do once you’ve reached your goal? Maybe your goal is to work more in the garden. Why? So you can have better fruit to enjoy in harvest! Losing weight? What activities do you envision yourself doing, that you couldn’t easily do before? Maybe playing a game of flag football at the park with the kids?

Give yourself a reason to do what you’ve resolved to do. With a reason, you’ll find the motivation. The better the reason, the bigger the motivation.

What are your resolutions? And what are you going to do with them?



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