Social networking: An invitation for a journey of a lifetime

Well, last week was a day off, thanks to the holiday and the craziness. No, I didn’t go “Black Friday shopping” this year… I had my own craziness at home to deal with. I thought we were just putting up Christmas decorations… well, turns out my husband had other ideas, and well, the decorations are still sitting in the box they’ve been stored in for the last year. But, I do have to admit- my living room looks a whole lot better now with a little rearranging!

Anyway, we’re back on track for work now, and that means- yes, I did promise to explain why now is the best time to set up that Facebook account for your business.

So. We’ve already looked at why social media is absolutely necessary for your business. Gotta reach those people where they’re at, right? With that said, when is the best time to start? I say it’s before you even establish your business.

Wait, what? How do you have a site for your business when you don’t even have a business yet? I’ll give you a few good reasons.

People love start-ups.

Ever hear a success story and get that good feeling deep down? Why do newspapers and periodicals constantly focus on start-up businesses? Because everyone loves a good success story. Everyone loves to hear how some blue-collar underdog managed to build a successful business.

Even better is when they’re part of the story. Everyone wants to be a part of something, to later say, “I was there when they first started.”

Why start your online presence now? It allows your customer base to become part of your story. It’s an invitation to join you on your journey, to watch your business grow. It holds a romantic appeal for others, those who would come along simply to share the exhilaration of success.

It’s your journey. But when you create a social media network, it becomes theirs as well.

Next week: Tips and warnings about starting online before you start your business.



2 thoughts on “Social networking: An invitation for a journey of a lifetime

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