Weekly Challenge: Power in Leadership


Freedom (Photo credit: Bohman)

YOU. Yes, you. I have a challenge for you.

Every week, I’ll post a challenge. It can be about anything, on any topic. They will challenge the way you think, the way that you see the world. It will make you think, forcing you to step back and reevaluate. In the end, you may find that it will change your world.

Today’s challenge: Power in Leadership

Many people are unhappy about the results of last week’s elections. Many of these same people blame Obama for their ills. I remember talking with one lady on the day of the election; in particular, I remember a comment she made, saying that people will likely vote based on how their year has been, whether good or bad. If it was a bad year, they’ll vote against Obama.

Really? Is this what the elections have come to? A far cry from our early days, when every man was a leader! We have come to the information age where information is freely distributed; people have more access to it than they ever have before. And yet, we find that people are less informed than they were two hundred years ago! Then, people KNEW what the problems were against England- it wasn’t simply because they had a bad year. They knew what they were fighting for, and they fought.

Notice that last phrase- “and they fought.” They didn’t just scream and yell, or arbitrarily argue against whatever they felt like. They found the government to be wanting, and they fought against it.

There is something to be learned here, folks. In this time of turmoil where many are blaming the current leadership, some are calling for impeachment, and others are calling for state secession, what is the real problem?

Think of this way. The President, whoever he may be, CANNOT act without the people. Some may disagree, but consider this: if he has no one to follow him, where is his power? If no one will listen to his orders, then what can he do? If there is a problem in leadership, it is found in the people who are willing, whether ignorantly or knowingly, to follow.

It is time to step up and take responsibility. Be your own leader, rather than following the directives of those you complain against. If you don’t like how things are, then change it! Your life is decided by no one but you. It’s not cliche, it’s reality. The power is in your hands, whether you decide it for yourself, or give that power to someone else.

We have lost our freedoms only because the people made it so, by their apathetic responses to the slow erosion of American way of life. Information is freely given, but one must be willing to reach out and dig for it.


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